In this vashikaran process no person or the victim is required to come on the place, the photo of that person including his or her name is sufficient.

To implement Vashikaran mantra by photo at home approach you need to have the picture or photo of the person you want to hurt or want back him/her in your life and the spell is done on the photograph. Make sure the photo is of right person and you surely want to implement the spell over him/her, because once the person comes under the trap of this spell is not able to come out. The expert or practiced person is required to break this spell and once the spell is broken the person will not be your prisoner again.

The Vashikaran mantra using salt is used to make the person as captive of yours. It not a hard process and you don’t require to have enough experience. You need to take a small amount of salt and powered it by spell and you have to offer this spelled salt to the person who is your victim. And now the person will be yours.

The Vashikaran mantra using salt can be used to attract the person may a boy or girl. If the spell is done on Thursday it will work faster or effect more quickly. Take salt in your hand and spell the mantra on it. Mix the salt in food or drink and ask him or her to eat this in front of you. The result will be in your front. Or you also can use other trick where you have to take a spoon full of salt and remember the name of that person in front on moon light and chant the mantra during this process. After finishing with all steps throw that spelled salt in the river. In just one day you will get the result.

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