Unwell person in family :

If a person is unwell in the family, then on the first Thursday, make two dough from the flour and mix it with the jaggery of the wet cheeses and press the small peeled turmeric powder and feed the cow by taking it out of the patient 7 times. . This measure will give amazing benefits for 3 consecutive Thursdays.

Money Do not last long :

If anybody has money, but they do not last long, they must do this remedies. Put black turmeric, Nagakeshar and Sindoor together in the silver container on the first Friday of Shuklakpak, touching the feet of the mother Lakshmi and keeping it in place of keeping money. Money will stop by taking this measure.

Business is falling:

If your business is falling continuously, then on the first Thursday of the Shukla party, black elephant in yellow dress, 11 gomti chakra, silver coin and 11 elephant rich cowrias tied to 108 times oops Namo Bhagwate Vasudev Namah Keeping in place of keeping will lead to progressivity in business.

Business Related to machines:

If your business is related to the machines, and on any given day, if any crude oil gets spoiled, then mix the black turmeric and mix kesar and ganga water on it on the first Wednesday. This measure will not spoil the machine quickly.

Person  suffering from epilepsy or insanity:

If a person is suffering from epilepsy or insanity, then put some black turmeric in a bowl and then clean it by showing the sunlight of frankincense. After that, holes in a piece of cloth and worn on the neck of the yarn and regularly keep the bowl of turmeric powder fresh with fresh water. Must definitely benefit.


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