• To attract someone towards you, there is a very popular and beneficial totka. Take the oil of KADVI LOKI and prepare Kajal with the help of cotton BATTI. Use this Kajal on a regular basis. To put it into your eyes play a major role to attract the desired one.

  • Take BILAVA leaves and let them try into shade. Now prepare a paste using Kapila cow milk. This paste is very important to attract someone towards you. Apply this paste on your forehead in the form of Tilak. When you will go applying this Tilak, you will find yourself able to attract the one standing in front of you.

  • There is another Vashikaran Totka, let’s come to know about it. Take Kapoor and Mensil, you need to prepare a paste using Banana. Apply this Tilak on your forehead. It is considered very important to attract others. You must use this totka.

  • Apart from the above mentioned, you may mix these four things in a proper manner like Kesar, Sindoor, Gorochan and Amla. Use this paste as a Tilak on your forehead. When you step out using this Tilak, people attract towards you. Your personality gets attractive.

  • You may also go along with this Vashikaran totka. In the morning, place a Haldi Tilak on your forehead, in the middle of Haldi Tilak put the little amount of blood of your little finger on it. Doing this attract the desired woman towards you.

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